Acton Blink Board Electric Skateboard Review

Acton Blink Board Electric Skateboard Review

The Acton Blink Board Is The Ideal Electric Skateboard. I have been looking for an electronic skateboard for a while now. However there are many factors to take into consideration before purchasing one. The first being the board size. Do you want a longboard or do you want something that is easy to carry, quick to get around on and low hassle? The Acton Blink Board is currently the smallest electronic skateboard on the market. As a semi pro skateboarder is was important to me to get a deck that is standard size. I am most comfortable on a standard skateboard. The Acton Blink Board comes in at 27 inches and just under 10 pounds (which is incredibly light compared to other electric skateboards). The size made it the ideal board for me, add the under-body neon lights that are built into this board and you have a real gem.



Another important factor when considering electronic skateboards is speed and charge time. The blink board is one of the fastest charging electronic skateboards on the market it. It only takes 60 minutes (1 hour) for a full charge that will give you a average travel distance of 6 miles at up to 15 miles per hour.

The large wheels on the board make it a comfortable ride.. making those bumps and pebbles less noticeable. Mason Hyatt is a great YouTuber who influenced my decision in purchasing the Blink Board. He responded to all my comments on his video. You can watch his video yourself blow. My board is due to arrive in the next 4 days.





Alan Craker

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