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As a gamer G2A Goldmine is the number one way to make money and famous Gamers all over the world know it! Just take a look at the top Gamers online (Im talking about the Millionaire Pro Gamers) and you will find they all have one thing in common. They are part of G2A Goldmine and have links and logos to it on their Livestream & Social Media Pages! Take a look at some of the top Gamers below for instance.

Ali-A Makes Money Through G2A Goldmine Guide How To Make Money On Twitch YouTube
Ali-A Makes Money Through G2A Goldmine

You can literally look at the top streamers on Twitch Tv and well over 50% of them will have a G2A Banner which means they are part of G2A Goldmine. Seriously, go look right now. Take a look at this Twitch Streamer who has over 18,364 viewers watching him live as I type this.

C9 Meteos Cloud 9 Makes Money Through G2A Goldmine Streaming On Twitch
C9 Meteos of Cloud 9 Makes Money Through G2A Goldmine Streaming On Twitch

Now that I have proven the power of earning with G2A Goldmine to you, allow me to introduce myself and walk you through the process of getting started.

What’s going on guys? It’s MrAlanC coming at you and Im a Gamer! Ive been on Twitch and I am currently more active on YouTube. As a Gamer I wanted to find the easiest way to make money well I played video games. Well I found it, I now make over $100 every month just by sharing a link to G2A in my gaming videos description and a G2A banner on my Twitch page. I use that money to pay for monthly game giveaways and contests on this site. The best news is, you can to. G2A has a program that’s called G2A Goldmine and anyone can sign up!

The #1 question I get is “Alan, does G2A Goldmine pay you if your in the United States?”. The answer, YES! I am in Wisconsin which is in the United States. They pay you to your Paypal. You will earn money from people all over the world but they pay you to your PayPal which you can then spend. You can also use your balance at any time as if it were a giftcard and shop on their game site G2A.com.

Im going to show you guys screenshots from inside my dashboard showing you all the money I make. Im also going to share videos I made that will guide you to start making money. It’s really easy and the #1 way I earn money is by putting the following text link below all my YouTube Gaming Videos:

“Share Game Links, Make Money: https://www.g2a.com/r/mralancsteam

Get Sponsored By G2A Goldmine

Get Sponsored By G2A Goldmine

I told you I would show you the inside of my G2A Goldmine Dashboard and share my earnings with you. Below you can see a screenshot of the current months earnings. The best news, it’s only the 23rd! It’s really exciting how it works. When you refer someone to G2A through a link or banner, you earn money when they buy a game. Not only that.. you earn money everytime they buy anything on G2A for the rest of their life, even though they only clicked you link the one time.

There’s a second even more exciting way you can earn! I make the most with this method. You can tell other Gamers, Twitch Users & YouTube Live Streamers about G2A GoldmineG2A Goldmine is for Gamers, Twitch Users & YouTube Live Streamers who want to make money. If a big livestreamer signs up under you and gets a bunch of people to G2A and is making money, that’s good news for you BECAUSE G2A GIVES YOU A 100% MATCH OF YOUR REFERRALS EARNINGS! G2A.com however is for the casual gamer who just wants good deals on video games. So you can send any gamer over there and earn for life anytime they buy a game.

 G2A Goldmine Twitch Money Making Guide Play Games Earn Money Tutorial

G2A Goldmine Twitch Money Making Guide Play Games Earn Money Tutorial

My growth in earnings on G2A Goldmine has been tremendous, it seems to be getting bigger and bigger and the money is snowballing larger every month. I believe within 1-2 years I will be making a few thousand dollars a month through G2A Goldmine. I want to be the #1 guy out there helping Gamers and testifying as to how amazing the G2A Goldmine program is and how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to be part of it. That’s why I have made nearly a dozen videos that are helpful showing earnings and how to get started. That’s why I am typing this right now. I will help a lot of Gamers get started. On top of that why not? I earn 100% match of all my referrals, that’s incredible!

G2A Goldmine Dashboard. Your Referrals or "Your Team"
G2A Goldmine Dashboard. Your Referrals or “Your Team”

Here’s another direct look inside my G2A Goldmine Dashboard. They make it really fun, colorful and easy. The Vikings you see pictured above are people you referred to either G2A.com or G2A Goldmine. No matter which one it is, you’re making money off them. By the way, they refer to this as “Your Team”. Remember, you earn 100% match of anything you first level referrals earn. You get a 60% match of anything your second level referrals earn and 40% of anything your third level referrals earn.

Make Money Playing Games
Make Money Playing Games

You will find a fully illustrated fun money making guide inside your G2A Goldmine account under the how to earn tab. They cover a lot of great stuff there, I just wanted to share one of my favorites. Above you can see what they refer to as “The Treasure Map”. They really illustrate a great point here. It shows that Gamers are naturally going to make money with G2A Goldmine. What you see here is some buddies playing a online game with each other such as World Of Warcraft. By simply sending a in game friend a message about how you’re earning money on G2A Goldmine, you can spark their interest, give them your link via email or in game and if they decide to do it you’ll start earning a 100% match of all their earnings.

Tell Your Favorite Streamer About G2A Goldmine
Tell Your Favorite Streamer About G2A Goldmine

As a Gamer I often watch large streamers on Twitch Tv that I am a fan of. They have lots of fans, but they still make time to talk to you. I have one in mind, when I subscribed he thanks me personally. Over time Id watch different livestreams of his and entered contests he’d host. In no time at all I was happy to think we had become friends. Now keep in mind, talented live streamers are people to. They want to know about things that will benefit them and make them money. One day recently I told him about G2A Goldmine. I was surprised when he got excited and signed up through my link and added a big banner to his Twitch Tv page. Wow I thought, this could really have benefits and it has.

Think for a minute that you told me about G2A Goldmine and the opportunity to make money. Im the type of guy who would sign up right away and start trying it. If you had told me about it and gave me your link you would be making well over a hundred dollars a month now. Now think about how big I am, I have 3,000 subscribers on YouTube. I feel like its a huge accomplishment, however I know there are hundreds of streamers that have 10x, 100x, even 1000x as many subscribers as me. So my advice is, be brave. Build friendships and then share G2A Goldmine. What I do not advise however is spamming. This will get you banned from websites.

G2A Sells Top Games At Amazing Prices
G2A.com Sells Top Games At Amazing Prices

As mentioned earlier there are two different ways to make money with G2A Goldmine. The first way is to send people to G2A.com. When you sign up for G2A Goldmine they will automatically make a referral link for you that lead to G2A.com the site shown above. This is great for people who are looking to buy games and this may be the way to make money that works best for you. However I do much better with method two. I highly suggest you use method two. Read just below for how method two works.

The second way to make money G2A Goldmine is to refer other Gamers, Twitch Users & Youtubers who want to make money directly to G2A Goldmine. This way they can sign up and begin making money themselves by sending people to G2A.com and you will get a 100% match of their earnings. Below I will explain to you the very important steps of creating a referral link that will take people to G2A Goldmine and put them on your team so that you earn 100% match of what they earn.

How To Make Money With G2A Guide
How To Create A G2A Goldmine Referral Link.

How To Create A G2A Goldmine Referral Link.

1. When you first create your G2A Goldmine account or sign in you will be on the “My Profile” page. Look at the tabs in the image above. You will want to click the tab that has a picture of a wrench and screwdriver and reads “Tools”. I have also indicated the tab with a red arrow pointing at it.

2. Once you have clicked the “Tools” tab you will see a blue button that reads “+Add more”. Click on this button, this will allow you to create custom referral links.

3. The box shown below will pop up after you click the blue “+Add more” button. In red box one you see a referral link you are creating. So this is going to be the link you give people that sends them to G2A Goldmine. Therefore you can name it anything you like. Try to pick something fitting.

4. This step is very important. In red box 2 where is says PASTE LINK HERE you want to paste the following link exactly as it appears: https://www.g2a.com/goldmine

5. Now hit create, if the reflink name you picked in red box one is available you’ll now have sucessfuly created a referral link to the G2A Goldmine page. If it says the name is already taken, try putting something else in box one or adding a few numbers to the end of it.

Next Step

6. Now return to the “My Profile” page by clicking the “My Profile” tab.

7. Click the blue “Copy Reflink”. Now you can paste your link into any chat box by pasting it. You can paste by right clicking and selecting paste on on the menu or hitting Ctrl+P.

Copy Your G2A Goldmine Referral Link And Share It.
Copy Your G2A Goldmine Referral Link And Share It.

Congratulations, you are on you way to a bright future. One any Gamer could be proud of.Thanks For Reading My G2A Goldmine Twitch Money Making Guide – Play Games Earn Money Tutorial. If you need further instruction, I have set up multiple video guides you can view here.