Little Lords Of Twilight The Freemium PVP Turn-Based Game That’s Highly Addictive


Little Lords Of Twilight The Freemium PVP Turn-Based Game That's Highly Addictive

Little Lords of Twilight is a fremium player vs player turn based game. As a freemium game, you get the best of both worlds. This means the game is completely free to download (download LLoTL here for Ios or Android) and offers high resolution graphics with incredible multiplayer game play.

Before stepping into the world of LLoTL, prepare yourself. You may want to be sitting down for this one. The setting is the planet Zikverländ during the golden age (the age of magic) and you my friend are a Little Lord. Now don’t let the word “Little” dis-may you. For you yield extraordinary powers that will transform into something new and beautiful (or perhaps dark and dreadful) customized by you the player each time you play. The epic twist in this game are the many moons of Zikverländ that block out the sun for several minutes at a time. These solar eclipse’s have a unprecedented effect on players. When a eclipse occurs, players are transformed in an essence into a creature of a different form. Blood temperatures drop, heart rates increase and different abilities are within reach. You can either embrace the dark, unlocking new dark abilities for your character or embrace the power of the sun.

Watch The Little Lords of Twilight (LLoT) Cinematic Trailer, Click Here!

Watch The Little Lords of Twilight (LLoT) Cinematic Trailer, Click Here!

There’s so much incredible stuff in this game that having a smartphone without LLoT on it is simply missing out. Let’s take a closer looks at game play and strategy. You will select a primary character to play with, don’t worry you can switch switch between characters before each game. Each character has different stats, a different set of skills and a different group of creatures/followers that he or she can summon in game. The creatures that you can summon in game are highly detailed and have very own awesome abilities they bring to the battle. The game is set during the golden age of of Zikverländ (the age of magic), which means there are endless enchantments, attacks, spells and traps to make use of. You need to use these wisely to achieve one of two objectives. Achieving either objective declares you winner of the match. The first option is to use brute strength, skill of trap placements & magic spells to drop your opponents life to zero. The second option is to use your skills, minions and traps to make it across the playing field and enter the other players portal.

There are countless levels within Little Lords of Twilight that all have their own l set of rewards scattered among the playing field along with their own set of obstacles.

Little Lords of Twilight. So Many Characters, Levels, Enchantments & Spells.

When you’re not unlocking epic new enchantments, attacks and powers you may consider picking up some new player skins and opening loot boxes packed with useful treasures that can be used in game. Purchase this epic gear using MadBlings which are earned in game, after every battle and daily as a login bonus.

Little Lords of Twilight Skings, Loot Boxes & More!

My character of choice is Veroline and her sidekicks are the Garden Gnome and Plush Doll. The other main character is Makino with the sidekicks Sherpa Beez & Ruk Golem. There are some other incredible characters with a viel of mystery around them yet. They can be seen on the official website. Their names are Pestipew & Lady Frost. They look incredible and have their own unique sidekicks as well. I have included full concept art for the both Verolin & Makino below:

Makino Concept Art LLoT Little Lords Of Twilight
Makino Concept Art LLoT Little Lords Of Twilight

Veroline Concept Art LLoT Little Lords Of Twilight
Veroline Concept Art LLoT Little Lords Of Twilight

I wouldn’t be saying so many good things about Little Lords of Twilight unless I had played it thoroughly myself. I am a big fan, I have even had the opportunity to play a match against the developers of the game. Below you can find two videos, one of my first victory and the other a match against two if the LLoT devlopers.


That’s it from me guys, don’t forget to download the game for yourself here. Maybe we’ll even see each other in game in a match sometime.


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