Thousands Of Free Satoshi Everyday Playing Mobile Games On Your Smartphone.

Thousands Of Free Satoshi Everyday Playing Mobile Games On Your Smartphone. Payment Proof Inside.

If you have a smartphone, it’s time to start earning thousands of Satoshi every day. My most recent cash out was over 10,000 Satoshi.I have tried every bitcoin related game available on my smartphone in my quest to fill my bitcoin wallet, Many of the games available have cute graphics, but don’t actually pay out. That’s why I’ve written this guide sharing the games that actually do pay you Satoshi straight to your Bitcoin wallet. All four of these games are made by the same developer and I have been paid several times.

Win Bitcoins Playing Mobile Games. Win Satoshi.
Download Alien Run Now & Start Winning Bitcoins

The first game is Alien Run, this is a both addicting and fun game. But lets face it, we want to get our Satoshi and get on with our day. The more levels you get through in Alien Run the more bitcoin you get. Everyday when you play the first eight levels are each worth 100 Satoshi. If you be the 9th Alien Run level, you win one of the Jackpot Prizes highlighted in purple in the photo below. Download Alien Run Now & Start Winning Bitcoins.

Your winnings are instantly put into your account and listed in the top left corner of the game. They continue to grow every day you play. They are also linked to the other two games I’ll share with you in this article. All three games go into one balance and are paid at the end of the month.

play mobile games win bitoin
Download Abundance Now & Start Earning Bitcoins

Make money playing games bitcoin satoshi
The next free mobile game that pays out thousands of Satoshi daily is Abundance. This game is by the same developer as Alien Run. As seen in the screenshot above, Abundance is very similar to the prize screen in Alien RunAbundance is fast, easy and straight to the point. The game shows you a phrase of the day and then rewards you with a random amount of Satoshi. If you want more option to choose from (prize amounts) you can watch a short advertisement. Once you view the ad, a new prize amount will be made available to you. I only recently found you can do this over and over until you get the Gold Bonus Prize. So this is an amazin way to earn some extra Satoshi. Download Abundance Now & Start Earning Bitcoins.

A fun easy way to earn bitcoins and satoshi
Download BlockChain Now & Start Earning Bitcoins

BlockChain is a highly addictive game that pays out thousands of Satoshis. The game is simple. A block moves back and forth on the screen of your phone, it’s your job to tap the screen to stop the block and stack them on top of each other. There are one hundred blocks. For every ten blocks you stack, the amount of Satoshi you will receive increases. If you fail to stack a block on top of the previous block you will be forced to watch and ad before continuing.  You get unlimited attempts. I’ve made it to the very top of the BlockChain on multiple occasions and claimed 1,000+ Satoshi in one game.

At the end of the game you spin a prize wheel and recieve the corresponding prize it lands on. It will be one of three prizes corresponding with your level. The high your BlockChain got in the game, the higher the Satoshi payout will be.

Free Bitcoin App
Download Free Bitcoin Now & Start Earning Bitcoins

Free Bitcoin is the number one Bitcoin App in the world, both on ios & android markets. Free Bitcoin is a short and sweet way to get Satoshis real fast. They display a video ad and you are brought to a prize screen filled with Satoshi amounts. You will win one of these prizes, just click the screen to have one randomly awarded to you. If you aren’t please with that amount, you can watch another video ad and have a second prize option made available to you.

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